VTT  has made agreement to be sponsor of the International Bioenergy from Forest 2012 Conferences.VTT is the biggest research organisation in the Nordic countries.VTT provides research, development and demonstration services to improve the competitiveness of customers by developing sustainable, safe and efficient energy, process and plant technologies

VTT:s key research areas in the bioenergy field include:

• biomass fuel and biomaterial production, handling and treatment technologies;

• low-emission combustion and gasification solutions for the production of biomass fuels for heat and electricity production and for transportation;

• increasing the variety of fuels used in heat and power plants;

• modelling industrial flows and combustion;

• biotechnical processing plant concepts for the production of new refined biofuels; and

• fuel cells and hydrogen technology.

A main goal of bioenergy research is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to the production of electricity by creating preconditions for increased use of biomass fuels for different purposes and size classes. On the other hand, VTTs goal is to develop new technologies and new solutions to produce low-emission transportation fuels based on biomaterials and bio-based products replacing fossil fuels. In these research fields, VTTs goal is to strengthen the significance of Finnish bioenergy expertise on the international market and to strengthen the production and competitiveness of bioenergy on a global scale. VTT will accomplish these goals by developing:

• more cost-effective and low-emission biomass fuel production and logistics chains

• electricity and heat production solutions based on renewable energy sources and carbon dioxide capture

• production concepts of transportation and synthetic fuels integrated with the forest industry and other industries

• solutions combining the utilisation of materials and energy

• energy solutions based on fuel cells for decentralised energy production.

VTT employes 140 reserchers at bioenergy field and has versatile research facilities for laboratory, bench and pilot scale research e.g. facilities for biomass fuel production, handling and treatment technologies, fluidised bed combustion, grate combustion, small-scale combustion, gasification and pyrolysis.


2/28/2012, Bioweb

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